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Board Members

Our board members at Good Neighbours of Bluewater are passionate about creating a strong, caring community. Together, we work to foster relationships and provide assistance where it's needed most. Get to know the members of our board and see how they are helping to make a difference in our community.

Helen Miller - Board Chairperson

Helen is our “get it done” board member who encourages and motivates us to keep things moving.  While working and spending time with grandchildren, she still finds time for community involvement.  We are thankful for her experience, creative ideas and leadership.

Ruth Gingerich - Board Treasurer

Ruth is our “spark” that kept fanning the flame to bring Good Neighours to reality.  Her  warm and friendly manner makes everyone feel welcome.  Her background in banking helps keep a handle on Good Neighbour finances.   

Sherrie Edwards - Board Member

Sherrie’s background in accounting, and an eye for detail makes her a welcome addition to the board in support of our treasurer and recording secretary.  Busy with other work and holidaying commitments, we appreciate the time she is able to give to the board and the centre.

Linda Hendrick -Board Member, Room2Grow Rep

After serving at the Clinton Room2Grow Centre for  many years, and her years of fostering makes Linda an excellent volunteer coordinator for Bluewater Room2Grow site. Good Neighbours of Bluewater invites moms and preschoolers to the drop in on Wednesdays. 

Phyllis Ramer - Board Member, Recording Secretary

For many years, Phyllis has felt that Bluewater needed a meeting place for residents and neighbours.  Whether it is individuals, organizations, or business, she desires to find ways to interact, and support each other.  You will often find her at the center working alongside Blessing’s Food Bank program on Wednesdays  cooking up simple meals to be distributed through the Food Bank

Dawne Erb -  Board Member

Dawne’s background in food service has been as asset to getting Good Neighbours' kitchen set up and fulfilling the requirements of being a certified kitchen.  She has an extraordinary gift of planning and implementing special events with wonderful meals is an asset to Good Neighbours.

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