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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Good Neighbours
Weekly Schedule

Coffee Cup


  • Early Riser Coffee 7:00am- 3:30pm

  • Solo Club 1:00 pm-3:30 pm

  • New Players Welcome

Moms and Babies


  • Room 2 Grow 9:30 am -3:30 pm     

  • New Moms and Tots Welcome

  • Join us for a Stroller Stroll

Game of Cards


  • Coffee 9:30am-3:30 pm

  • Muffin Mornings 10:00am

  • Euchre 1:00pm -3:30pm

  • New Players Welcome

Belonging is not simply finding a place where you fit in; it is embracing a community that celebrates your uniqueness and supports your growth.

Upcoming Events

No events at the moment

Join Us

Are you looking to connect with your local community, share resources, grow together, and develop meaningful relationships? Then Good Neighbours of Bluewater is the place for you! Join us today and experience the power of a strong, unified community.

Joining hands
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